Laurel writes fiction for kids and teens. She has completed two novels which are in the process of revision.

She is the co-leader of the Middle Grade Lunchbreak, a reading group for writers, and is a an occasional contributor to Kid Lit Craft, a craft blog. She is an active member of SCBWI, belongs to several book clubs and writing groups, and runs the annual book fair at the middle school. 

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Current manuscripts (under revision):

Threads of Light

On the cusp of reaping the rewards she’s worked hard for at school, twelve year old Samantha Stone receives a gift which sparkles with light only she can see, threatening to upend her narrow but tidy world. Sam’s life shifts sideways and she finds herself drawn into a world of magic and art where responsibilities her family has secretly maintained for generations fall unexpectedly to her. She must decide whether she wants to accept them, and if she does whether she has what it takes.


Thirteen year old Dylan seems to have it all... rich parents, an amazing house, a staff who takes care of his every need, even a vacation house on Maui. But his parents and siblings are each absorbed in their own problems and he is often ignored or left alone. He wants nothing more than to get their attention and to have a family more like his friend Ben's... a family with little money but overflowing love. So when he wins a trip to an eco adventure lodge on Kaui, he decides the prize is his opportunity to jolt his family out of their money-lined comfort zones, challenge them in an environment they can't control, and get them to pay attention to him. He embarks on an exotic island quest to answer this question: Can he bring his family together, or will he need to redefine his sense of family as he seeks the love and attention he craves?